Healthcare market

The total healthcare expenditure in Poland amounted to nearly PLN. 100 billion in 2009. The market of medical services in which the EMC Medical Institute Capital Group operates,  has totaled PLN. 64.6 billion.

Health expenditures are rising from year to year, both in the area of public spending - mainly the National Health Fund as well as the area of  private spending. The conducive  factors include growing health consciousness of the society, levels of  domestic spending equalizing those in OECD countries,  the aging population, an increase in civilization diseases and the existence of unmet patients’ needs  in the form of queues for medical services.

The structure of expenditure on personal health care is dominated by public spending - the NHF, the budget and local self-government units. The share of private spending is high in the case of expenditure on medical products, such as drugs and therapeutic equipment, while private expenditure in this case comes primarily from households.

The proportion of public expenditure in the structure of national expenditure for medical services is nearly 85%. The activity of EMC Medical Institute is focused on providing healthcare services. The revenue structure is dominated by revenue from the National Health Fund - approximately 82%, which corresponds to the structure of financing health care services in the country.