Report no. 45/2015


The Management Board of EMC Instytut Medyczny S.A. (‘the Company’) announces that an incorrect date was supplied for bond redemption in the Current Report no 45/2015 of May 21,2015. Instead of June 11 2015, May 29,2015 was mistakenly entered. Therefore, The Management Board of the Company provides the revised Current Report no 45/2015 of May 21,2015. The Correct report reads as follows: Pursuant to Article 56 (1) (1) of the Act on the Offering and in connection with Current report no 79/2012 of August 13,2012, EMC Instytut Medyczny SA (‘the Company’) announces that the Management Board of the Company has decided to redeem all 7,000 Series A bearer bonds with a face value of PLN 7,000,000 (‘the Bonds’) that were issued on August 13, 2012 before the maturity date, which falls on August 13, 2017. The early redemption date of the Bonds was set on June 11, 2015. The bonds will be redeemed pursuant to terms and conditions of the issue of series A bearer bonds which were issued by EMC Instytut Medyczny SA and it will be carried out by Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa Bank SA.