Historia operacji na akcjach

First quotation 

The first quotation took place on 19 July 2005. 

Share split  

No share split operations were conducted.


Neither the General Meeting of the Issuer nor the Meeting of Shareholders of the legal predecessors of the Issuer adopted resolutions on the payment of a dividend. The policy of the Issuer on the distribution of profit consists in annual allotment of the profit generated by the Company to reserve capital, so as to enhance the position of the Issuer with regard to financing and operation. 

Further issues of shares 

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* issue related to the merger of the legal predecessors of the Issuer, EuroMediCare Instytut Medyczny Sp. z o.o. and EuroMediCare Serwis Sp. z o.o., on 15 November 2004.The assets of both companies being parties to the merger were transferred, pursuant to Art. 492 § 1 (2), to the Issuer in return for 4,000,100 inscribed preferred Series A shares. Following this, 2,500,062 inscribed preferred Series A shares were converted into ordinary bearer Series B shares. 


On 28 May 2013 Penta Investments (CareUp BV and Soporto Invest BV) announced a public tender for 7,111,435 EMC's shares. Subscriptions have been made for 4,480,731 EMC's shares (53.81% of the share capital), corresponding to 52.74% of the total number of votes at the General Meeting of the company. 

Leveraged buyouts 

Leveraged buyouts were not conducted.